Standard seal AMTR-P

Standard seal AMTR-P

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Intended use

The AMTR-P inflatable seal is the most effective and the most durable of all types of docking system seals. The air bags are harmonica-shaped, which creates an optimal seal. This type of seal is especially recommended in cases of significant differences in temperature inside and outside the room, for example in air-conditioned or cooled storage areas. Seals with non-standard dimensions can be designed.

Application Nominal
Loading systems

Both the tubular and blower seal motor are operated with one button. When the truck is being docked for unloading, the engines seal the space between the open gate and the vehicle within 30 seconds.

3700 mm
3500 mm
Structure depth
800 mm
Mounting height
4700 mm
Bag material
670 gr/m2
Side width of bags (inflated)
600 mm
Height of the upper bag (inflated)
1000 mm
Inflation time
approx. 30 s
Deflation time
approx. 40 s

The upper seal air bag is extended by the shaft of the tubular motor. During expansion, the blower motor ensures that the bags are filled with air.

Maximum height
Maximum compression
500 Pa
70 dB
Engine type
R2E 160-AY 47-01
Rotational speed
2100 [1/min]
Supply voltage
230 V
4 kg
Power consumed
240 W 50 Hz
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Dock leveller AMTRK-PRO

Dock leveller AMTRK-PRO

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Intended use

The swing lip dock leveller is designed for picking up pallets with a forklift to load or unload trucks. The leveller is equipped with a stable hinged plate that ensures quick and safe loading. The leveller has the CE mark. Its platform is made of 6/8 mm thick ribbed sheet metal. It is integrated with the service support and connected to the back of the leveller frame with hinges. Fully secure use is ensured by the anti-slip surface, foot protection along the entire length of the platform and the full lifting range of the leveller. Different methods of placing bridges in the foundation are possible.

Application Nominal
Loading systems
Lengths Nominal
2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 mm
Widths Structure
2000, 2250 mm
Construction height
610 mm
Nominal lip lengths Sheet metal
400, 500 mm
Sheet metal thickness
(depending on the load capacity)
Nominal load capacity
6-12 tonnes (60-120 kN)
Working ranges above the level
0 to 430 mm
Standard colours
RAL 9005 RAL 7042 RAL 5010 (two-component resin-based paint)
Tank capacity
6 dm3
Working pressure
140 bar
Motor power
1,1 kW
Supply voltage
230/400 V AC
Control voltage
24 V DC
Protection type
Operating medium
TELLUS T-15 or RANDO HDZ-15 mineral oil
  • the drive system of the leveller is a hydraulic cylinder,
  • the lip is lifted by a separate cylinder, powered separately by a hydraulic unit,
  • closed hydraulic system (maximum pressure 22 bar),
  • smooth adjustment to the vehicle height during loading,
  • single-button control,
  • protection in the event of a power failure or the use of an emergency switch, the leveller is protected against fall – it will stop and maintain the position it was in at the moment,
  • the leveller control system can be coupled with the gate control system.
Dock pan

The main function of the pan is to connect the leveller with the dock. The pan is directly filled with concrete.

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Loading platform AMTR-I

Intended use

The mechanical AMTR-I bridge is designed for use in all kinds of industrial facilities where an additional docking system is required. It is recommended primarily for logistics facilities where there is a continuous flow of goods.

Standard technical parameters*


550-650 mm


1200-2600 mm

Standard colours

RAL 9005 RAL 7042 RAL 5010 (two-component resin-based paint)

*Can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements

  • a mechanical bridge made of galvanised steel elements,
  • the static load capacity of the platform is 6-7 kN,
  • the platform is opened/closed by driving the platform plate with a lever,
  • the working range of the platform is restricted by appropriate safety devices, which protect the bridge plate against breaking,
  • a steel support bracket with a vertical plate is fixed to the end of the leveller (threshold of the concrete floor),
  • the steel sheets of the platform are hot-dip galvanised.

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