Intended use

The basic function of the bumper is to protect and secure the docking system against direct contact with the docking vehicle. The ergonomic design of the bumper allows it to absorb the load during docking, ensuring a safe distance between the object and the approaching vehicle and preventing damage.

Standard technical parameters*

Application Nominal

Loading systems


510x250x152 mm


High-quality rubber, steel, movable mechanism


With screw anchors (4 pcs)


Galvanised or varnish

*Can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements

The JUMBO II adjustable bumper is made of high-strength rubber and a steel

base with elements forvertical adjustment. The bumper is equipped with a

movable mechanism for adjusting the rubber part to the vehicle level during


  • the primary function of the bumper is to absorb the forces generated when a truck comes into contact with the loading bay,
  • different types of bumpers can be selected for different docking systems to ensure the maximum level of safety.

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