Intended use

The guides are an additional element of the loading system equipment for precise positioning of the vehicle in relation to the loading bay. This allows you to optimise the loading process and avoid any accidental damage to the loading system.

Standard technical parameters*

Application Nominal

Loading systems


1840 mm

Średnica rury

160 mm

Wymiary podstawy

250x250 mm


Galvanised + varnish

*Can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements

The AMTR-N STRAIGHT steel guide is approximately 1840 mm long. Its frame

and feet are made of circular steel profiles with a diameter of 160 mm. The

structure is fixed to square washers made of flat sheet metal.

  • AMTRinstallation is extremely important for the proper functioning of the guides,
  • the guide must be permanently fixed to the ground in a foundation laid under its feet,
  • it should be installed using bolt anchors included in the assembly kit.

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